About Study Circle

‘STAR OFFICERS STUDY CIRCLE’ is a social entrepreneurship, aimed at imparting necessary knowledge, skill development & behavioral orientation to HSC and UG students to successfully clear the UPSC Written examination in the first stage and enable selection by SSB in the subsequent stage. The ultimate goal of this venture is to enable competent candidates to join as commissioned officers in the Indian Army, Navy & Air Force. (Class I Gazette Rank). The facility will be an ideal platform to transform every candidate who undergoes training, to possess requisite physical fitness, adequate academic proficiency and desired positive values. This serves twin purpose of addressing officer shortage in the Armed forces as well as mitigating unemployment in our society, without sacrificing on quality.

Triple Tenets of OSC. The institution operates with the following tenets.

  • Right Selection through Screening of interested candidates.
  • Proper Guidance through Dedicated Coaching.
  • Transformation through imbibing Sterling Leadership.

Symbiotic Benefits.  Our Goal is to create a system where the interested student is given adequate skills to match the requirement of the forces that would serve twin purpose of addressing officer shortage as well as mitigating unemployment of qualified graduates in the society.