Why Star OSC?

Learning and development centre to impart training to today's youth.

Tailormade syllabus &  Aptitude based Coaching.

Quality, is of paramount importance.

One unit is of 12-15(max) students only.

Serene and calm atmosphere unaffected by perils of modern life , yet replete with necessary amenities.


Training will be imparted on three domains, i.e., academic, physical fitness and mental toughening, with higher emphasis on cognitive learning. The mantra is Quality over quantity always and every time. At Trichy, the screened and selected  candidates will be given 30 days Residential Training for clearing UPSC Written Examination. After results are declared, Residential SSB coaching will be conducted for three weeks, i.e. 21 days at Trichy.  The daily routine is akin to that of SSA/NDA/IMA for candidates to seek early bird advantage, in case selected.

Along with training in Personality Development, communication skills, leadership qualities and team building , the candidates undergoing residential program at Trichy will be exposed to fine living and taught table manners, etiquettes, good conduct & deportment during the stay. The candidates will also be given assistance for reporting to the Selection Centers, in case they are not familiar on aspects of out of Tamil Nadu travel . UPSC Coaching and SSB Training are two distinct parts, independent of each other.